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Pear Butter Animation by TheRealDJTHED
Luna - Only a reflection of light by LuleMT
Commission: PIE HARD by bakki
Paper Stars by Rodrigues404
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We fly balloons on this fuel called love by mirroredsea
PearApple by Spirit-Alu
Did you hurt Apple Bloom?! by NATAnatfan
Love And Tolerance by Pony-Berserker
Twilight Sparkle
Magic Forest by MagnaLuna
Tales Of The Past: Practical Magic by 1Jaz
Princess Twilight Sparkle [redraw] by Wilvarin-Liadon
Book by ErinLiona
Applejack by Wilvarin-Liadon
Ever Free Hydra by AssasinMonkey
Agrarian Idyll by DiscordTheGE
Judged Apple by AssasinMonkey
Pinkie Pie
Harpie by thediscorded
Pinkie Pie by Wilvarin-Liadon
Snowy day by Koviry
The Visit by Gianghanz
Unexpected Encounter by Devinian
Fluttershy by ComelyTomcake
Spring by Ruhje
Dreamy forest by InsaneRoboCat
Rarity by Wilvarin-Liadon
Rare Flaw by AssasinMonkey
Diamonds are forever by purmu
Under the sea Rarity by CreativPony
Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash by Wilvarin-Liadon
Hearth's Warming Dashie for BronyCAN by SorcerusHorserus
Loyalty by frostykat13
Spring is here by Alumx
Dungeon and Dragons by Maytee

Mature Content

What If FiM Came Out in The 80s/90s? by ThisCrispyKat
Spike the Brave by Dragonfoxgirl
Commission: SPIKE by Celebi-Yoshi
Dawn by TsaoShin
A Storm is Coming (revisited) by Hunternif
Big Moon by MagnaLuna
Das Treffen mit dem Tier (Meeting the Beast) by DiscordTheGE
Cutie Mark Crusaders
Club Meeting by AnticularPony
Starlight Glimmer + Sunset Shimmer
Starlight Glimmer by imDRUNKonTEA
Secondary Characters
The foundation by DiscordTheGE
Background ponies
I am free by StasySolitude
Original characters
Commission by Holivi
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Spitfire by Shuxer59 by Shuxer59
Youth by LongMuzzlePony
Destroyer Dash by NCMares
Pony related creations
When colors fade away by Cannibalus
Hello all,

We are looking for new mods for voting purposes! Lately we've been having some submissions  expire due to lack of votes.

We are looking for people who...
:bulletred: Have a keen eye for talent and creativity
:bulletred: Can discern between "good" and "great" art (is it good enough to be in the gallery? or is something off?)
:bulletred: Willing to give constructive criticism if an artist asks for it upon rejection
:bulletred: Can submit high-quality MLP:FiM pieces to the gallery (optional)

If you think you're up to the task, please send us a note! Thank you!
More Journal Entries

Recent Journal Entries

Welcome to Ponies Plus!

PoniesPlus is a group dedicated to collecting and promoting a premium selection of the finest My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic art that deviantART has to offer. Unlike other My Little Pony groups, PoniesPlus is a gated community and membership is only granted to those who we think are the more talented artists in the MLP-FiM fandom. You can watch us to receive our new selections in your message center. If you do not plan to submit anything, just watch us.

Becoming a member
:pointr: Membership in PoniesPlus grants you the privilege to submit art to our group. Membership is limited to those we see fit for the group. You can watch us regardless of membership.
:pointr: You can apply for membership by clicking "Join our group". This is a gated community, so give us a little introduction about yourself to convince us. You also need to link to what you think is your best work(s).
:pointr: Our panel of admins will review and vote upon your application. Empty applications will receive automatic no-votes.
:pointr: Make sure that you have something to show, we're not looking for "I'm planning to do pony art", make some pony art first and then apply for membership.
:pointr: Members that consisently submit deviations that are easily rejected will have their memberships terminated. See this journal for more information.

Rules of conduct
:pointr: We're all here because we're a fan of a show about magical ponies and friendship, in other words, use common sense when commenting in this group. No drama please.
:pointr: If you have a question, you can send us a note directly, or post it in the comment section if you're comfortable sharing it in public.
:pointr: PoniesPlus reserves the right to moderate the comments posted within the group limits.

The content
PoniesPlus aims to provide a finer selection of art, as we believe there are already quite some groups out there that have a lower level of entry. This means that our submission policy is much stricter than you may be used of in other groups. The most important thing to remember here is that we're not here to put every single piece of your work in our gallery, only the very best.

We accept
:pointr: Deviations that depict the characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
:pointr: The artwork must be of high quality; finished, polished and something you're proud of.
:pointr: We also accept humanizations or other depictions of the characters. This includes depictions of Equestria Girls designs. Anthro/'furry' depictions are not allowed.
:pointr: We do accept OCs, which are, in turn, subject to the same criteria.

We do not accept
:pointr: Fan art to other generations of My Little Pony; this means that G4 renditions of past generations are welcome.
:pointr: Effortless work, simple sketches, etc
:pointr: Anything that's drawn on lined paper, or poorly scanned or photographed. We put a lot of value in overall presentation.
:pointr: Work in progresses. This group is to feature the finished work, that includes everything that "feels" unfinished such as line art.
:pointr: Fan fiction. We just do not have the time or resources to read them all, nor cannot decide the criteria for fan fiction in regards to quality.
:pointr: We do not accept anything that is marked as mature (or ought to be).
:pointr: For non-digital/un-scanned pieces, such as artisan crafts or large-scale traditional paintings, we require at least a decent quality photograph/set of photographs. Low-quality and grainy photographs will be declined, regardless of subject matter.
:pointr: We run a policy of not accepting official artwork and direct derivatives of official artwork, which includes screenshots or vector traces of screenshots.

Submission policy
Only members can submit art to PoniesPlus. All members are obliged to follow the following rules.

:pointr: You can submit seven deviations per week. You can also submit work by other deviants.\
:pointr: For those submitting comics, if the story is an ongoing one and not a one-shot strip, please limit that story to three submissions to the gallery. This is to avoid flooding the folder with one artist/story.
:pointr: Please make sure to submit your deviation to the right folder. Each folder contains a description of its contents and its folder-specific criteria.
:pointr: Your submission will be reviewed by a panel of admins. The admins have the final word. Do not resubmit your deviation once it is rejected.
:pointr: If we notice that you keep resubmitting a previously rejected deviation, we WILL revoke your membership, or ban you from this group if the situation calls for it.
:pointr: When we discover that a deviation that resides in our gallery is put in storage, it will be removed as soon as possible. For it to return to the gallery, it needs to be public and go through the submission process again.

Affiliation policy
Anyone can submit an affiliation request. Much like membership requests, they need to be accompanied by an introduction explaining why our groups should affiliate. More information on our affiliation policy can be found in our terms of service.

For more details on how we run this group, please consult our terms of service.





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SergIole Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
thanks for requesting my image. Really appreciate it. 
How do you get accepted in the group? I've sent two or three requests, over the course of a year, however I haven't gotten any response. Am I doing something wrong, or am I just not good enough to be accepted into the group?
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KatOtter Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you kindly for the submission. :>
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DazzioN Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Well then. Now i have a reason to learn and improve on painting / drawing
OddishCrafts Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2016
Hi! I accidentally sent two join requests, and one was blank. Please ignore the blank one. :)
Dormin-Kanna Featured By Owner May 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for accepting me!^^
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